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Helping to improve purchasing efficiency: a purchasing agency

As an outsourcing purchasing division, we can help to improve the efficiency of your purchases of electronic parts.

Our strengthsOur strengths

For example, by unifying suppliers.

unifying suppliers

When you order a part for a certain product, do you just put in order with the supplier for the number of parts or a number close to that amount?

Besides the number of pages you have to fill in for on the order form, when you think about such tasks as confirming the delivery once you have made an order or inquiring in advance about prices, the amount of effort and time that a purchase requires increases considerably.
But you do not have to spend all this time and effort, as we can do it for you.

unifying suppliers

For example, think about when you are having problems with a delivery

speed up

For example, think about when you are having problems with a delivery, such as when it takes a long time for the delivery of just one part even though the specifications of the parts to be used have been decided or when a problem occurs with the delivery of a specific part that you are currently using. In times such as these, don't you usually have to inquire to various suppliers to try to resolve the problem?

But before you do this, first please contact us.

We will not only search out a specific part for you, we can also propose alternative items that may offer advantages in terms of supply, including delivery, and price.

speed up
Our strengthsOur strengths
The inquiry about the product and the business, please contact us via our inquiry page, or please refer by contents at the following.
If you are in a hurry to purchase the product
Fukunaga Dengyou(e-commerce) TEL: 81-3-3251-0445 FAX: 81-3-3251-8523
If you want continuous business
Sales department TEL: 81-3-3255-4320 FAX: 81-3-3255-5034
If you want overseas (China, Taiwan) local direct business
Overseas sale partner
Main manufacturer and product


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Transformer etc.


Electronic parts wholesale and retail mail order.
Electronic parts wholesale
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