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Especially in this age of change,
we believe that trust is our fortune.

The electronics industry has recently grown into a key industry in our country, and we carry a great responsibility as a parts firm in charge of distribution in that industry.

In order to take on this upwardly mobile market in full conscience of this responsibility, we are determined to be:

"A corporation that can contribute to the development and growth of its clients"
"A socially responsible corporation that can take on its role"
"A corporation that can make the dreams of each of its employees come true"

The Japanese economy is now facing a major transition phase that only happens once every ten or so years.
In our industry as well, with the shift of production bases to China due to globalization, increasing strictness of environmental regulations such as the RoHS directive, and the transformation of forms of distribution due to the IT revolution, the very value of our business is being called into question.

To face this age of change and continue to grow along with our clients, we take to heart the fundamental principle of honest management and the fortune of trust our founder built up little by little with vendors. We will overcome every obstacle that might come our way as we progress forward.

President Toshihide Chinen

A brief CV of our President
1978 Graduated from the Waseda University School of Engineering
  Worked in the system development department at CSK Corporation
April 1979 Entered Tominaga Electric
October 1984 Became a manager at Tominaga Electric
September 1990 Became the CEO of Tominaga Electric
September 1990 Became the CEO of Fukunaga Electric
March 1991 Became a manager at Akihabara Radio Store Corporation

Company policy

Sincerity, passion, originality

Responding to changing needs for improvement and diversification,
we strive to serve our customers while constantly looking towards the future,
and make our humble contribution to society with sincerity, passion, and originality.
We also aim to create a corporation in which the dreams of every employee can be realized.

About our logo


The green of wide plains and rich forests, the blue of the sparkling azure ocean, and "T" for Tominaga Electric come together in a design made in the image of the earth.

It was created in 1991 in celebration of our 20 year anniversary, symbolizing our aim to become a corporation that spreads its wings into the world and cares for the environment.

Main manufacturer and product


Cable and wire

Fan and motor


Transformer etc.


Electronic parts wholesale and retail mail order.
Electronic parts wholesale
and retail mail order.
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