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I-PEX Inc. (Dai-ichi Seiko)

I-PEX Inc. (Dai-ichi Seiko) Official Distributor
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Micro RF Coax Connector, FPC/FFC Connector, Micro-Coax Connector, Docking Connector, Board-to-Board Connector, Board-to-Wire Connector

I-PEX Authorized Reseller I-PEX Inc. (Dai-ichi Seiko), who are proceeding with businesses specializing in precision technology based on the mold tooling technology carried over from the time of foundation as a core competence are continuing the creation of new value through challenging to manufacturing of products, which had been regarded as difficult items to develop and manufacture, pursuing the added value by means of the most advanced technologies.

"Pursuit of precise and perfect manufacturing"

Micro RF Coax Connector

MHF series
MHF Ⅲ series

Micro RF Coax Connector MHF series

Easy Cable termination by "i-Fit®" Technology
  • SMT Receptacle and Cable plug Connector
  • Super low profile : 1.2mm to 2.5mm MAX. Mating profile
  • Applicable Cable : φ0.64mm / 0.81mm / 0.95mm / 1.13mm / 1.32mm / 1.37mm and 1.80mm Coaxial Cable
  • High productivity and stable performance
  • Solderless and easy cable termination by "i-Fit®" technology
  • Applicable Technology : IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n, WiMAX, Zigbee, Bluetooth, MIMO, WiGig, M.2(MHF®4L) etc.

i-Fit® : One action, instant termination without soldering process.
Stable electric performance by special assembling machine.

FPC/FFC Connector



0.3mm Pitch Horizontal Type Narrow Back Lock Type with LOCK
  • Profile Height : 0.9mm
  • Depth : 3.0mm* (actuator closed) Narrow Type
  • Higher reliability structure
  • Provides high FPC retention force & Prevents diagonal mating by mechanical LOCK with FPC cutout
  • Enhanced temporary hold mechanism by LIF structure
  • Prevention of half lock by the unique actuator design
  • Applicable for 0.2mm FPC thickness
    Smooth operation for FPC insertion
  • FPC Thickness : 0.2 ±0.03mm

*Depth of Long actuator type (20584) : 3.5mm

Micro-Coax Connector


0.4mm Pitch Horizontal type Micro Coax connector. CABLINE-CA series

DisplayPort(2.7Gbps to 5.4Gbps) with optimized design of contact and march internal GND points.
  • Mating Height : MAX. 1.1mm
  • Improved transmission efficiency, High level EMI shield performance and multi point ground
  • W-Point Contact with High mating reliability
  • Anti-reverse mating design
  • Locking bar prevents accidental unmating (Option)
  • Soldering connection

Docking Connector


MINIDOCK Connector is designed for board to board connection and features small size with 0.635mm pitch for applications in high density packaging.

Board to board connection Docking connector
  • 0.635mm pitch
  • Connector protected by Diecasted Zinc Alloy Metal Shell
  • Stable Mating / Un-mating by Long Guide Pin
  • Board Product Line up
    Pin Count:80p to 240p
    Mating type:Right Angle Type / Vertical Type / Straddle Type /
    Slim Type
    Sequential contact by Ground Pins / Signal Pins / Power Pins
    through Mating and Un-mating

Medical equipment / Digital measurement instrument / Robot / Industrial, small-sized electrical Devices

All other products by I-PEX (DAI-ICHI SEIKO)

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