More than 74 years as an electronic component trading company specializing in Akihabara Electric Town
connector, cable and wire, coolling fan, cable assembly, Control components, Various electronic components sale and wholesale
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Related company

Fukunaga Dengyo Co. Ltd.: pioneer of Akihabara Electric Town.

In 1950, when there were not more than two or three electronics stores in Akihabara, when little talk was heard of such a thing as electric parts, Chinen Fukuei (previous Chairman of the Board, deceased) established Akihabara Radio Store Co. with several like-minded people.

old pic

It started operations in Akihabara Station underpass as No.7 Wiring Material Section and has played a leading role in the prosperity of Akihabara Electric Town today.

In 1975, Akihabara Radio Store Wiring Material Section established as a limited company, Fukunaga Dengyo Co. Ltd., bringing us up to today.

As a specialist electronic parts store, focusing especially on connectors and switches, it is the best in Akihabara in terms of inventory size and immediate delivery system, from direct sales to mail order.

The picture is of founder Fukuei Chinen standing at the shop front of Akihabara Radio Store Wiring Material Section (currently Fukunaga Dengyo Co. Ltd.) in around 1955.

Corporate Name
Fukunaga Dengyo Co. Ltd.
Zip: 101-0021
2-11-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL 81-3-3251-0445
FAX 81-3-251-8523
3,000,000 Yen
Toshihide Chinen
Electronic parts wholesale and retail mail order.
Main manufacturer and product


Cable and wire

Fan and motor


Transformer etc.


Electronic parts wholesale and retail mail order.
Electronic parts wholesale
and retail mail order.
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