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Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. NRW series stock list

Nanaboshi Electric Official Distributor
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One-touch lock Waterproof connectors that cater to various purposes such as control equipment, measuring equipment, etc.

We are the special sales agent of Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. connectors, the standard of metal connectors, and carry the largest stock in the country.
Stocks include the highly versatile NCS series of metal connectors (plugs) for indoor use, as well as the NJC series of up to 24 pins, the one-touch lock type NR series, the NWPC series of water-resistant outdoor connectors, the NJW series, NRW series, ENJW series, ENRW series, etc. (excluding certain sizes).

Shell size 20

Model number Shell size Nunber of contacts Contact shape, Shell shape
When you order plug or adapter of NRW series, please appoint clamp size. Clamp size of shell size 20 n: 6  8  10  12
NRW-202-ADFn 20 2 Female, Adapter
NRW-202-ADMn 20 2 Male, Adapter
NRW-202-PFn 20 2 Female, Plug
NRW-202-PMn 20 2 Male, Plug
NRW-202-RF 20 2 Female, Receptacle
NRW-202-RM 20 2 Male, Receptacle
NRW-203-PFn 20 3 Female, Plug
NRW-203-PMn 20 3 Male, Plug
NRW-203-RF 20 3 Female, Receptacle
NRW-203-RM 20 3 Male, Receptacle
NRW-204-PFn 20 4 Female, Plug
NRW-204-PMn 20 4 Male, Plug
NRW-204-RF 20 4 Female, Receptacle
NRW-204-RM 20 4 Male, Receptacle
NRW-205-PFn 20 5 Female, Plug
NRW-205-PMn 20 5 Male, Plug
NRW-205-RF 20 5 Female, Receptacle
NRW-205-RM 20 5 Male, Receptacle
NRW-207-PFn 20 7 Female, Plug
NRW-207-PMn 20 7 Male, Plug
NRW-207-RF 20 7 Female, Receptacle
NRW-207-RM 20 7 Male, Receptacle
NRW-2012-PFn 20 12 Female, Plug
NRW-2012-PMn 20 12 Male, Plug
NRW-2012-RF 20 12 Female, Receptacle
NRW-2012-RM 20 12 Male, Receptacle


Model number Shell size Type
NRW-20-PCA1 20 NRW20 Plug cap
NRW-20-RCA 20 NRW20 Receptacle cap
NRW-20-RCA1 20 NRW20 Receptacle cap
NRW-24-PCA1 24 NRW24 Plug cap
NRW-24-RCA 24 NRW24 Receptacle cap
NRW-24-RCA1 24 NRW24 Receptacle cap
NRW-24-AdCA 24 NRW24 Adapter cap
NRW-24-AdCA1 24 NRW24 Adapter cap
NRW-28-PCA1 28 NRW28 Plug cap
NRW-28-RCA 28 NRW28 Receptacle cap
NRW-28-RCA1 28 NRW28 Receptacle cap
NRW-28-AdCA 28 NRW28 Adapter cap
NRW-28-AdCA1 28 NRW28 Adapter cap

Please inquire for the delivery date of the product which is not placed in this list.

All other products by Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

As the sole agent for Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., we carry the largest stock of their products from NCS, NJC, NR, NET series mentioned above, as well as water-resistant connector series such as NWPC, NJW, NRW, etc. and are able to respond to requests for quick delivery.

Other than the metal connectors (plugs) indicated above,
we carry all products by Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. such as
water-resistant, oil-resistant NT series for machine tool facilities
outdoor metal connectors with intensified water resistance (IP-X7), the WT series
BC and BCG series of box connectors
7TP/7TS (JISD6606-compliant) for trailers
NHVC series created to connect/disconnect three-phase high voltage cables for 3.3KV and 6.6KV at once, as well as
high frequency transmission coaxial connectors such as BNC, N, M, etc., and connectors with optical fibers, etc.

* Custom products manufactured according to customer (user) specification may not be sold to other customers (users).

The inquiry about the product and the business, please contact us via our inquiry page, or please refer by contents at the following.
If you are in a hurry to purchase the product
Fukunaga Dengyou(e-commerce)
TEL: 81-3-3251-0445 FAX: 81-3-3251-8523
If you want continuous business
Sales department TEL: 81-3-3255-4320 FAX: 81-3-3255-5034
If you want overseas (China, Taiwan) local direct business
Overseas sale partner
Main manufacturer and product


Cable and wire

Fan and motor


Transformer etc.


Electronic parts wholesale and retail mail order.
Electronic parts wholesale
and retail mail order.
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